Health IT implementations

Dr. Mazzarella has recently completed the following projects.

* Creation of Ubuntu-Med (customized operating system).

* Multiple wiki system creation for hospital-wide network. The multiple wikis are able to provide protocol, care pathway, and order-set storage and retrieval. Order sets can be printed directly from the wiki and printed for use directly in a chart, when needed. Discharge instruction sets can be printed for patient usage, as well. Other wikis were also created for clinic usage, patient usage, and IT resource management. The software used is free and open-source, and open source servers within the hospital network were used to host it (for a minimal cost of implementation).

* Creation of a hospital-wide scheduling and group calendar server. The hospital system uses both remote clinics and provider resources. A centralized computerized scheduling and calendar system allows appointments to be scheduled for any of its locations by clerks who may be at another location. Security access controls are implemented. Over 50 calendars and nearly 100 user roles were created. All software is free and open source, as is the open-source server.

* Network troubleshooting. VPN/VLAN tunnels and access controls between many remote locations was critical to integrating the hospital system. A co-ordinated DNS server system with failsafe redundancy was critical. Remote VPN access points required creation and supervision.

* Telemedicine portal creation. Coordination of Telemedicine network tunnels between providers, clinics, and the hospital required network mapping, firewall and zone protection co-ordination between multiple subnets. Remote providers required an externally-facing port/webserver for access and appropriately configured laptop/home clients.

* Implementation of an EHR (in progress). An implementation of a widely-available EHR is in process at our multi-specialty, multiple-location clinic.

* Implementation of a training curriculum (in progress). An implementation of an online training curriculum for the implementation of an EHR (and other server modules) is in process.

The software that runs this website (Ubuntu-Med) is free. If you are a physician or other health care provider that would like to set up a similar website for little cost (but support that is available when you need it), see Bidwell Healthcare Consulting. Services such as setting up an EMR to Telemedicine to organizational networking are available, with deep discounts for health care professionals.